Ways to Keep Making Sales During a Jewelry Store Relocation

Relocating your jewelry store can open many exciting opportunities. Establishing your business in a new place could reduce costs, expand business operations, and increase sales.

However, relocating can also be challenging to retain old customers and may abruptly affect sales. If the relocation is not well-planned and seamlessly implemented, it can put you out of business. Therefore, jewelry store relocation should be approached meticulously to ensure that your sales will not decline during the store move phase.

Below are the ways to keep your sales up during a jewelry store relocation.

  1. Schedule the Store Relocation During a Slow Season
  2. Planning the date of the relocation is essential to ensure that you will not lose sales during the store move. Check your sales records to determine which months or weeks have low sales, and target your relocation date within that timeframe. You may want to avoid the season when people spend more on shopping, like Christmas.

    Select the date when the store is less busy. In this case, you will have enough manpower to prepare for the store move. This will also keep your employees productive and eliminate downtime.

  3. Liquidate Inventory Through a Moving Sale
  4. A Moving sale is an effective way to turn excess inventory into sales. Due to the heavy discounts offered, many people anticipate a moving sale, especially those looking for fine jewelry and unique pieces. It is also a great opportunity to encourage your clients to continue patronizing your business in its new location.

    However, a moving sale can be a complicated process that needs careful planning and expert marketing strategies. Without a proper approach, a moving sale will not be successful and may even cause you to incur losses. Therefore, it is recommended to seek professional advice. They can help you with inventory, jewelry assessment, pricing, and advertising.

  5. Inform Your Customers
  6. Ensure that your customers are informed about your store relocation. It is important to keep them in the loop so that you will not lose your current customers. Make sure to notify your customers about the store move. Inform them about your new location and store schedule.

    Utilize different media to spread information, such as on your website and social media platforms. Ensure to update the details online, including the new store location map, so that your customers can easily find it.

    Also, keep your mailing list updated and ensure to send personal emails to your loyal customers. This way, you can keep your current customer base and avoid losing revenue from them.

  7. Prepare Your New Store in Advance
  8. One of the essential steps to ensure that you will not lose revenue during the store move is to get your new store ready ahead of time. Ensure that your new store is equipped and ready for business before your relocation.

    Ensure that utilities such as electricity, internet, water, and phones are set up. It is also imperative to set up security systems. Make sure that the shelves and counters are ready, and start displaying as much jewelry as possible.

    If you have new stocks intended for the big opening, make sure that they are also available and ready. Make sure that your new jewelry store is ready to represent your brand before the opening.

  9. Settle in the New Store Before Ending the Current Lease
  10. Test the waters before your dive in. Avoid transitioning abruptly to the new store. Ensure your new jewelry store is set before closing the old one.

    It is also important to give your employees ample time to adjust to the new store. Relocating your store may also cause them to move to a new place, or they need to adjust their travel time.

    As much as possible, overlap the lease dates. Do not turn over the current place without ensuring everything is settled in the new store.

  11. Seek Professional Service
  12. Store relocation can be difficult and tricky. Most jewelry store owners simply do not have time to plan their store relocation. Therefore, it could tremendously affect their sales during the relocation period.

    To relieve yourself from these burdens, you can hire experts to do all these tasks for you. Therefore, you will be able to focus on the other aspects of your business. All you must do is look for a trusted moving service that has already built its name in the industry, like Charles Frey & Co Inc., which has proven to deliver successful moving sales results.

    Also, the professional relocation service can help you with the following:

    • Asset protection
    • Moving services offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your merchandise. Therefore, you can ensure that all your assets are protected, giving you peace of mind.

    • Secure Packing
    • By hiring a professional moving service, you are assured that your merchandise is safe and secure for delivery to your new store. They are well-trained to provide high-quality service and ensure that all are delivered timely.

    • Proper Equipment
    • If you hire a professional relocation service, you are assured that your merchandise is handled properly. With the use of proper equipment, the moving process will be faster and more secure.

    • Maximize Storage Facilities
    • If your new store cannot accommodate all your merchandise, the relocation service can provide a storage facility for a certain time period. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing or damaging your merchandise.

    • No Hidden Cost
    • One of the advantages of hiring a professional service is they can help you with the entire process at the quoted price. All the costs will be laid out for you before the relocation. There are no hidden charges, so that you can prepare financially.

Key Takeaways
Jewelry store relocation can be stressful and may cause a decline in your sales. However, the proper approach can help you boost your revenue and expand your business. There are several ways that can help your jewelry store transition to the new location as smoothly as possible and attain higher sales. With the help of professionals, you can ensure that your store relocation will be successful.

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Have more questions about what we do?

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