Author Bio

Chuck Frey

Hello there. I’m Chuck Frey, one of the inside Executives in the Field, as we call ourselves here at Charles Frey & Co. My journey from where I am now started in the late ’70s grading diamonds at the GIA on 47th Street in Manhattan, and it’s been a wild ride since. From those early days, I worked my way up to being the national sales manager, and now, I’m proud to be one of the founders of CFCO.

I absolutely love what I do, and that passion leads me to wear many hats.  Besides consulting and advising, I’ve also specialized in planning and executing successful, industry-leading events for jewelry stores. With a solid four decades doing what I love and building expertise, you could say I’ve become quite the expert. You’re welcome to explore my blogs to discover more about my expertise, knowledge, and genuine love for being your trusted advisor in our beloved industry.